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BlackShield: Upora Story Review – Too Expensive for the Amount of Content

There are many different VR shooters to choose from these days. Not all of them are exceptional, or even good, for that matter. In the case of BlackShield: Upora Story, it is very difficult to like the game for what you get in return. More specifically, there are great visuals and solid mechanics, but the game is woefully short and the campaign is borderline boring. It is a commendable attempt by the developers, but owners of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift may want to look for alternatives rather than spend $29.99 on this title in its current form.

BlackShield: Upora Story Fails to Impress

As is usually the case with any VR FPS games, there is a good chance you’ve seen it all and done it dozens of times over. With BlackShield: Upora Story, it is evident there is nothing unique about the campaign or gameplay whatsoever. It is just another shooter which hopes to appease VR users, but will ultimately fall woefully short in doing so. The fact there is only one hour of gameplay certainly doesn’t help matters all that much either.

At the same time, there are some aspects about BlackShield: Upora Story we genuinely like. First of all, it has movement based on teleportation, which seems to work surprisingly well. Once you move to a new location, the objective is to kill waves of enemies before teleporting to the new location. It is simple but works quite well. Moreover, the background story involves a major interplanetary war between different races. It is hard to tell them all apart based on intentions, as you will pretty much trash everything in your way.

The guns in the game work quite well and feel slightly different. It is fun to play around with all of these guns, even though there is nothing memorable about it whatsoever. Sometimes, it’s even fun to effectively dismantle robots or use them as a shield, but nothing extremely impressive either. Killing enemies with a melee attack will grant you a bit more ammo, which is important to keep in mind when in a pinch. The enemies themselves come in different colors, but they are all prone to headshots, which will quickly become your go-to kill strategy.  

With just one hour of gameplay, it’s uncanny how BlackShield: Upora Story manages to get repetitive so quickly. There is nothing outstanding about this game whatsoever, but it’s not all terrible either. For the price of $29.99, there just isn’t enough content to warrant paying the full price whatsoever. There is some additional content on the way, though, but for now, it’s best to wait for a sale or look into other games.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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