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Blasters of the Universe Review – Finally a Proper VR Wave Shooter

Blasters of the Universe for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift is a pretty cool game, assuming you like the art style. Just because we like it doesn’t mean everyone will but that is only to be expected. While this is yet another wave shooter in virtual reality, the game sets itself apart from the competition in more ways than one.In fact, this may be our favorite VR wave shooter to date. Considering we have played a few dozen of them already, that says something.

Blasters of the Universe is Incredibly Fun

While one could argue the $14.99 price tag for a wave shooter is pretty steep, this game is more than worth the money. After being in Early Access for over a full year, the developers have finally decided to release the full version to the masses. One thing that becomes obvious pretty quickly is how this feels like playing an 80s game, but that is an added bonus in our book. Everything about this game just clicks beautifully, which creates one awesome experience for VR enthusiasts.

One of the primary selling points of Blasters of the Universe is how it has so many different weapons to play around with. More specifically, there are a few dozen different options, when you account for all customization options. For some reason, most VR wave shooters offer little to no customization, which is definitely a missed opportunity. Nearly every part of the weapon you control can effectively be customized, including the type of ammo you use and the barrel. All of these options and skins unlock while you play the game, which is a nice bonus.

Although the background story may be a bit flimsy at times, it does provide players with a purpose in the game. That is more than welcome, to say the least. Moreover, the villain in this game has a habit of mocking you at every possible turn, which creates an even more engaging environment. It is a different type of immersion, but one that certainly works quite well in Blasters of the Universe. Plus, the different game modes are also pretty interesting, although the endless mode is pretty difficult after a while. We like a good challenge, though, mind you.

Last but not least, the game excels in terms of AI. Different types of enemies have different tactics you will need to adapt to accordingly. Nothing ever feels predictable in this game, which is pretty rare for a wave shooter. The main focus is on working out different strategies altogether rather than just going in blind and tearing stuff up. All things considered, Blasters of the Universe is the wave shooter capable of setting the tone for future games in the genre.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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