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Block Wave VR – Slightly Clunky Tetris Clone for Virtual Reality

Not everyone in the world will be looking for ways to experience Tetris in virtual reality. However, it can create a rather fun experience, depending on how well the game behaves. Block Wave VR, developed by RLTY CHK and available on the HTC Vive, is one of those games which explores this option. The opinions on this game are pretty much divided, although we had a pretty good time with it overall. It is worth picking up, especially for the price of $4.99.

Block Wave VR is a Great Time Killer

People looking for a story-driven narrative game should pass up on Block Wave VR. After all, Tetris has always been the same model and has no background story whatsoever. Nor does it need one, mind you, but it is still worth mentioning. Block wave VR borrows a lot of concepts form Tetris without using the official game’s license. There are some interesting additions to this type of gameplay as well. It is still a classic block puzzler first and foremost, but now available in virtual reality.

There isn’t much to explain about Block Wave VR, as it is a Tetris clone first and foremost. However, there are some changes, including fitting an entire XY plane with blocks to remove them. Turning blocks is done through the thumbsticks which may take some getting used to at first. As one would expect from this classic type of game, the soundtrack sounds like an 80’s arcade hall, which is quite excellent in this regard.

Similar to Tetris and other types of games with a similar approach, there is a real chance of getting addicted to it. While the controls will turn away some users at first, once you get used to them, things will go a lot smoother. It is a very addictive type of game which people can pick up whenever they need to kill some time or don’t feel like playing anything else. Especially for the price of $4.99, there is no reason not to pick it up and give it a try right now.

Especially when it comes to playing against friends, Block Wave VR is certainly worth keeping an eye on. Do keep in mind there is no actual multiplayer mode, though, as it can only be played in singleplayer mode right now. Then again, it doesn’t take much effort to invite a friend over and try to one-up one another’s high score. Block Wave VR is a lot of fun, although the control issue may need to be fixed through a patch.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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