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Blue Effect VR Review – Another Unsatisfying VR Wave Shooter

Blue Effect VR is not necessarily a game people would have heard about. After all, it is difficult for wave shooters to stand out among this oversaturated market right now. Blue Effect VR is available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for the price of $14.99. With a strong focus on sci-fi and horror, there is a unique environment to enjoy. However, the game is pretty short, which is perhaps its only big shortcoming.

Blue Effect VR Could be so much More

It almost sounds like a broken record, but most VR wave shooters are either bland or woefully short. While the developers of this game ensured the environment is somewhat unique and thoroughly enjoyable, the game itself is over before most people know it. With just four different maps to choose from, there is very little to choose from and virtually no replayability whatsoever, which is a big problem for games like this one. Especially for the price of $15, it is hard to justify a purchase at full price.

Do not be mistaken in thinking Blue Effect VR is all bad, though. The game itself has a pretty interesting environment and the waves of enemies are pretty engaging. Demonic aliens swarming your position creates a pretty decent wave shooter experience. Enemies know flanking techniques and the entire map is shrouded in darkness. You will have to rely on your senses first and foremost, while playing this game, at least until you get a better feeling for the maps in question. We admit we got a few jump scares out of this game now and then due to enemies sneaking up on our position.

Your weapons of choice are an orb launcher and a pistol. A combination of both weapons usually works best, mainly because the orbs help illuminate the environment for brief periods of time. The gun is your go-to solution for damaging and killing enemies, but it is a lot more challenging than it sounds. Plus, players come across power-ups every now and then which will grant you limited buffs. With these power-ups, the game can become a bit too easy, which isn’t entirely what we had hoped for either.

With no weapon upgrades, limited content, and no real replayability after a few hours, Blue Effect VR falls in line with most other games in the wave shooter genre. Its unique environment and different enemy types, there are some things to like. Unfortunately, once you figure out the enemies a bit, it becomes very predictable how you should proceed. There is a local multiplayer option, which may be worth exploring for a lot of people. We would advise waiting for a sale before picking it up, though.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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