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Bravo Team Review – Unfulfilling Co-op Shooter

Even though there is an abundance of shooting games in virtual reality, Bravo Team tries to take things to a different level. As the name suggests, this is a co-op shooter focuses on the military aspect and played completely in first-person view. The game is currently available for the PlayStation VR at the price of $39.99.

Bravo Team has Good Points and Drawbacks

It is quite evident the cooperative VR shooter concept can work quite well in virtual reality. In the case of Bravo Team, all you need is one other player to be your in-game buddy for a while. While joining random games is certainly an option, it is evident playing together with a friend is by far the more appealing option. At the same time, you can also play with an AI, albeit your mileage will vary in this regard. The game does support the PS Move controller, DS4 controller, and the PSVR Aim controller as well.

After playing Bravo Team for a few hours, it becomes evident the game is primarily designed as a cover-based shooting gallery with movement taking you from point A to point B and C. The environments all look a bit different from one another, which can only be considered to be a good thing. Finding adequate cover is essential in this game, as the enemies will shred you to pieces pretty quickly otherwise.

The placement of these “nodes” you can teleport to is done quite well, for the most part. Some of the locations feel out of place, though, but it is not exactly cumbersome either. Thankfully, this is something one forgets about pretty quickly when looking at what else Bravo Team has to offer. With many weapons to choose from, the game itself is positioned quite well. This does come at the cost of not knowing when enemies effectively die or just duck for cover, which can confuse a lot of people along the way. This is something the developers will need to fix as soon as possible, though.

One thing the game does lack are accessories, such as grenades, knives, or even a flashlight. The stealth sections in this game are a nice change of pace, although the animation is very basic at best. Its novelty quickly wears off, as making notice seemingly does not impact your success of taking down enemies whatsoever. With no narrative to speak of – or one that simply doesn’t matter – and some repetitive gameplay, Bravo Team is not for everyone.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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