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Cliffstone Manor Review – The best Escape Room Game in VR

Escape room games are a great addition to the overall VR gaming catalog. This type of content is pretty amazing in many different ways, and the games using this model seem to work fine. Cliffstone Manor is perhaps one of the best VR escape room games we have come across so far. The game is available for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift at a price of $10.99. It is.well worth picking up the game for this price, as there is a lot of fun to be had.

Cliffstone Manor is a Great Escape Room Game

In the world of VR escape room games, there is some fierce competition on the market right now. In fact, it seems a lot of games are coming out in recent months. Some games are better overall experiences than others, although there is no bad game in this particular genre so far. Cliffstone Manor certainly raises the bar for this genre, as it is pretty challenging, looks and sounds great, and is just fun to play in general. When you first boot up the game, it becomes evident there is a good amount of mystery to be uncovered.

As one would expect from a VR escape room game, the first “room” is sort of a tutorial. From that moment forward, you are left to your own devices. Players need to explore different rooms and solve the puzzles along the way. Thanks to the easy controls, neither of these aspects is a big challenge at first. However, the puzzle difficulty ramps up pretty quickly as you progress further. This particular aspect makes Cliffstone Manor one of the better games in the genre today.

On the visual front, Cliffstone Manor is decent for the most part. More specifically, the objects and environments look good, but there is nothing distinguished about them. It’s good to see games like these at least provide decent enough graphics, rather than see objects reduced to blocks of pixels. There’s also little music in the game as we speak, but that only adds to the overall experience in a positive manner. Escape rooms are designed to be relatively quiet and mysterious, and Cliffstone Manor checks all of the right boxes in this regard.

The main selling point of this game is how it uses VR technology to its full potential. Even people who aren’t fans of escape room concepts will certainly appreciate what this game has to offer. Everything just feels genuine and it’s easy enough to get the hang of. Even the more difficult puzzles never get overly frustrating, even though some of them will require you to think twice about the situation. For the price of $10.99, you get a lot of enjoyable content and a game which sets a great atmosphere all the way through.

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