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Deus Vult Review – Online VR Swordfighting Done Right

Given how For Honor was a major failure as far as online games are concerned, we weren’t too excited about Deus Vult. This Online VR sword fighting simulator for Oculus Rift and HTC VIve has some impressive gameplay, so we decided to give it a try regardless. It has to be said, we are pleasantly surprised so far. Even though the game is still in Early Access, it has plenty of content to offer.

Deus Vult Does Medieval Warfare Right

It doesn’t happen all that often our expectations are met when it comes to VR fighting games. Most games look pretty solid at first but they are cumbersome to control. Others control just fine, but suffer from other game-breaking issues. Deus Vult falls in neither of these categories, which is pretty major, considering it is still an Early Access game. Granted, we had one or two disconnects while playing online, but that is somewhat to be expected.

Deus Vult is quite a pleasant game, although it is also highly competitive The developers did a great job to create a medieval fighting experience in virtual reality. Fighting against other warriors around the world – which are just other players – by using different types of weaponry is incredibly fun. More weapons are still being added as we speak, but the current selection is quite vast already. As one would expect, every weapon feels differently and has different results. There’s also an option to dual wield or use a one-hander and a shield.

Moreover, Deus Vult provides players with an option to fully customize their character. There’s also a social “tavern” to meet other players, which works quite well as  a lobby. With 12 maps to choose from and AI fights across four difficulty settings to prepare for battle, Deus Vult is the game a lot of players have been waiting for. You will get quite the workout while playing this game too, as it requires a ton of motions by the player. Swinging weapons, ducking, and other wide gestures will be a regular aspect of any gaming session.

For the time being,it is hard to fault Deus Vult considering their Early Access status. We have had no issues finding opponents so far, but the game hasn’t been released that long ago. Once the game has some longevity under its belt, the online player base may very well taper off. If the developers keep up their current pace of providing updates and organizing tournaments, that won’t be much of an issue For the price of $22.99, we are quite pleased with what the game has to offer.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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