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Dying Reborn Review – One of the Weakest VR Horror Games to Date

As proud owners of the PlayStation VR, we have to admit there is no shortage of potentially fun games. Dying Reborn, which was released earlier this year for the price of $9.99, certainly had a lot of potential in the first place. The game can be played without VR headset as well, as it is both PS4 and PS Vita compatible. Limited content and multiple other mistakes make this a horror game VR users may prefer to avoid.

Dying Reborn Checks Hardly any of the Right Boxes

Although we would have liked to see it differently, most VR horror games are absolutely abysmal. Dying Reborn is not an exception in this regard, as it held back in many ways. It has half of the chapters found in the regular PS4 or PR Vita version, and the background story is all but absent. To top it all off, the in-game voice acting is more bothersome than fun, which isn’t helping matters by any means.

The main objective of Dying Reborn is figuring out ways to escape your cell  Three possible scenarios can be explored, and the unsettling atmosphere certainly helps in this regard.  That is one thing the game dos well, as it is a very creepy environment you are trying to escape from It is advised to thoroughly explore your surroundings to locate items and tools. Collecting clues will also explain the story a bit, although it isn’t necessarily worth remembering.

Sadly, the visuals of Dying Reborn leave a lot to be desired as well. When a  horror game has mediocre visuals, bad voice acting, and less content, things aren’t going to look good by the end. While the overall environment feels authentic enough, it is the only positive aspect about the game itself. There are a few combinations and puzzles to solve, but nothing we haven’t seen in other games whatsoever. For the price of $9.99, we had certainly expected a bit more.

Looking at the overall package, Dying Reborn is another one of those missed opportunities in the VR gaming industry. It is due time developers step up their game and deliver complete games to their customer base. These games need to be at least several hours long, engaging, and look and sound a lot better than this game. Dying Reborn is worth picking up for under $5, assuming horror is your thing.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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