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Esper 2 Review – Fun Puzzler but Nothing Overly Exciting

Even though we aren’t exactly sure what happened with Esper, 1, the Esper 2 game for virtual reality is a bit of a mix bag. There is a solid background story for a change, but only one gaming mode on the other hand. People who do not like solving puzzles should skip this game, but for everyone else, Esper 2 is a great game. It is available for both Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR as we speak.

Esper 2 has Plenty of Puzzling Action

It is quite nice to experience a VR game with a narrative story and puzzles that need solving. Although we all like to hack our ways through enemies – or fruit – having a more relaxed environment and objective can be a nice change of pace. Esper 2 is a fun game in this regard. Players crawl into the skin of an ESPR agent, who needs to address the outbreak of telekinetic powers. Sounds pretty exciting so far.

New players will start off in a training mode where their practice with moving things around with the telekinetic powers at your disposal It is not overly complicated but still asks you to put some work into coming up with ways to solve puzzles along the way. Players are transported to different environments along the way, all the while a narrator explains more about the background story and situation you are in right now.

While you solve puzzles, you are effectively preventing nefarious individuals from abusing their newly acquired powers. There is a great sense of humor in this game, which is welcome as a distraction while pondering over the next puzzle. Anyone who enjoys puzzle games, a limited degree of exploration, and a background story with some humor in it, this game is certainly for you. It is not overly complicated by any means, though, which is good to see.

At the same time, the only thing you do is solving puzzles. If that isn’t your forte, this game will not be fun to you by any means. There is no combat to speak of and no concerns about transporting between different locations. A simple and straightforward concept that works quite well in VR. All things considered, Esper 2 is certainly worth your time, although paying US$10 may be a bit steep for some players.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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