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FORM Review – An Atypical but Intriguing VR Game

Not every virtual reality game has the most original name. This is especially true where FORM is concerned, even though that isn’t  a bad thing The game is available on the Steam store for the HTC Vive. All things considered, the game is quite fun to play and can leave  a lasting impression. You spend a lot time collecting your own dark thoughts, which creates a very immersive experience.

FORM is an Intriguing Virtual Reality Game

The concept of FORM is rather simple to explain.PLayers will feel disoriented at first, but they will start to get the story behind this game pretty quickly You are entering the mind of Dr. Devin Eli, and his thoughts are not all that happy all the time. It makes for an incredibly freaky and creepy game at times. Not that bad jump-scare variant, but a real psychological thriller of sorts. It is not a game for everyone’s taste, but those who play it will spend hours in VR looking to find out more.

Unlike most other VR games, FORM has no interest in using locomotion mechanics. Instead, it uses the HT Vive’s room-scale functions to immerse players. This also means FORM can be played while seated, although that is not advisable for solving most puzzles. Speaking of the puzzles they start out quite easy, but the difficulty ramps up as the game progresses. A smart system that keeps players engaged without causing frustration.

The main aspect of FORM is the time you spend with the thoughts of Dr. Devin Eli. Every object you interact with has something to do with his inner thoughts about the Doctor. In a way, you try to puzzle Eli’s mind back together by solving puzzles using objects, and interacting with machines. It is not explained in too much detail, but we like to play VR games without too much handholding. Once again, not something everyone will like, though.

Although the game isn’t all that long, players are advised to carefully explore the VR environment at their own pace. The graphics are quite beautiful and there si no reason to rush through games like these either. Some puzzles will leave you struggling a bit, but there is nothing you can’t solve with logical thinking. Being inside someone’s mind in virtual reality is a haunting experience, to say the least. FORM is a unique game, to say the least, and certainly warrants more than one playthrough.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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