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Gran Turismo Sport VR Review – A Major Blast Despite Limited Content

Most people wouldn’t be mainstream racing games for being able to play it in virtual reality. As we have seen with Project Cars 2, that VR feature can work out pretty well. It seems Gran Turismo Sport also has a VR mode, and contrary to our expectations, it is absolutely worth checking out. This doesn’t take away from the negative sides of the game in general, but these are not of interest to this review.

Gran Turismo Sport Looks Even Better in VR

If there is one platform where virtual reality is thriving, it has to be the Sony PlayStation VR. This also means we will see more console exclusives embark on a VR venture in the future. Gran Turismo Sport is the first major PlayStation exclusive to do so in a successful manner. ¬†In fact, it is almost impossible not to play this game in virtual reality, assuming you have a PS VR headset to begin with. It’s not necessarily worth picking up for just this game, though, but GT Sport makes a good case for itself regardless.

To put this into perspective, a racing game with a virtual reality mode will either be a big success or fall flat on its ass. In the case of Gran Turismo Sport, the VR mode is absolutely amazing and provides players with a degree of immersion we have never seen before. Combine this with playing with a racing wheel – albeit blindly as you have to navigate based on touch most of the time – and the game has all of the potential to be incredibly memorable.

Moreover, the VR experience feels almost as if you are effectively driving a racing car. That is something no other game has successfully emulated so far, but Gran Turismo Sport easily takes this to a level few other games will be able to achieve in the future. There is one downside to the VR mode, though, as you can only race against one other AI-piloted vehicle in virtual reality right now. The mode does support all cars and every track, though, but it is still somewhat limited in nature.

Moreover, there is no in-game reward for racing in VR. You will not earn cash or unlock new cars in any way. That is not a big loss, mind you, but it certainly shows there is still plenty of room for improvements as far as GT Sport is concerned. This may hint at a far better and improved version for future Grant Turismo games, although this has not been officially confirmed at this point in time, though. Definitely worth checking out if you have a PS VR headset, as it is an exhilarating feeling.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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