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Hangry Bunnies From Mars Review- A Must-buy Game for VR Enthusiasts

Virtual reality games are either cute or absolutely terrifying in most cases. Hangry Bunnies From Mars combined the best of both worlds in the most extreme way possible. These are some very angry bunnies you need to kill without dying. In fact, they are fluffy rabbits from hell and need to be put down as quickly as possible. Failing to do so will result in your getting chomped to bits. This HTC Vive game is a ton of fun, and we certainly recommend people pick it up.

Hangry Bunnies From Mars is a Pure Blast

When you look at a bunny, it looks pretty cute and fluffy. The way they hope is extremely adorable, to say the least. That isn’t the case as far as Hangry Bunnies From Mars is concerned, though. These are the most rabid bunnies one will ever come across, to say the least. ¬†They are out to kill you and will make it extremely difficult for you to survive. UFOs, rabid bunnies, and sci-fi weapons to cause chaos and destruction make for an excellent combination.

Although this is yet another wave shooter, it feels vastly different from similar games. For the price of $14.99, you will have tons of fun and even contemplate replaying the game on a regular basis. There is a lot of humor and cartoon animation to enjoy throughout the game. While the gameplay is still as intense as one would expect, it feels a little bit silly, but in a good way. Kudos to the developers for making this game so extremely fun despite the abundance of wave shooters in the VR gaming industry right now.

One thing the developers didn’t skimp on is giving you ample firepower to blast these rabid bunnies to smithereens. Hangry Bunnies From Mars is as action-packed as it can get for a wave shooter and you will need every piece of ammunition you can get your hands on. The variation in different guns makes for a very engaging experience. Do not look for any real guns whatsoever, as they would look completely out of place in this game. Instead, you get some of the most absurd creations we have seen to date, they add a lot of value to the game itself.

Moreover, there are plenty of different enemies you will have to deal with throughout the games. Little fluffy bunnies and giant bunny bosses are just two of the enemy types. You even get swallowed by some enemies and need to shoot them from within, which adds another fun aspect to the game. It is by far one of the best VR games out there to date, and there is plenty of reason to keep playing it even after you have successfully thrashed your best friend’s high scores. You won’t be disappointed by this game whatsoever, as it is extremely well done.

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