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Happy Drummer VR Review – A Fun Rhythm-based Experience

Happy Drummer VR sounds like a cute music-oriented game, and the developers certainly deliver on this front. It is a rather new genre in the world of VR, as we are not talking about a regular on-stage performance here either. Rhythm games can do extremely well in virtual reality, and Happy Drummer VR for the PlayStation VR and HTC VIve certainly checks a lot of the right boxes. The game is available for $9.99 and is well worth checking out.

Happy Drummer VR is Surprisingly Fun

Truth be told, we were not too certain whether or not rhythm-based games would work in virtual reality. With so few games effectively focusing on this option right now, it is evident this genre may very well become a hit and mix. If Happy Drummer VR is any indication of the future of rhythm-based games, things may not look all that bad. More specifically, there are three or four drums in front of you which need to be hit at the right time. Considering how this is done by using two Move controllers, the game looks and feels rather genuine.

The setting for Happy Drummer is pretty interesting as well. More specifically, there are two different stages with 4 songs each. It is not as much content as we would have liked, but with three difficulty settings, there is a fair amount of fun to be had. For the musically-inclined among us, you can also drum to your heart’s desire if you prefer to do so. This latter option is great to get acquainted with the game and get used to swinging your Move controllers around in your hands.

On the difficulty settings front, Happy Drummer VR gets more difficult as you crank up the setting. It is never frustratingly difficult, yet you will need to be focused to complete your songs accordingly. Especially on “Hard”, things certainly get quite intense and rewarding at the same time. Every higher difficulty setting means prompts fly at you a lot faster and keeping up with them becomes a real challenge.

Even though Happy Drummer is not the perfect rhythm-based game by any means, it offers hours of fun regardless. The graphics are decent, but not amazing, yet the experience is pretty solid overall. It also has some replay value due to difficulty settings and hopefully more content to be added in the future. The price of $9.99 can easily be warranted, especially if you intend to take your time to enjoy the game. Mastering the songs properly will take a good while, which makes the game even more appealing.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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