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Headmaster Review – Sports Physics Done Right in a fun way

When a VR game goes by the name of Headmaster, it’s not entirely clear what one can expect. It is either something with school or perhaps a sports game. In this particular case, headmaster for the HTC Vive is a sports game which focuses on making you score goals with your head. It sounds like a simple idea that shouldn’t be too difficult, but it is fairly challenging. The game is also available for the Oculus Rift as we speak.

Headmaster is a Great Game For You and Friends

Finding a sports game which is pretty enjoyable has proven to be quite difficult in the VR sector. Not because there aren’t any great games, but most of the offerings just don’t feel like the real thing. Headmaster for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift is doing things very differently in this regard, and it does so in the best way possible In fact, there are days of gameplay to enjoy without friends, and the Party Mode makes it only better if you want to play local multiplayer with friends or family.

Some owners of the PlayStation VR know the game quite well, as it was an exclusive in 2016. Now that this exclusivity is no longer in place, any platform can get its own version of Headmaster, assuming the developers are willing to port it. The setting is a Football Improvement Centre where you are tasked with heading balls at targets to score points. Higher points lead to more stars and a bigger ego as well. It is all done in good fun, mind you, but there are some bragging rights attached to this game.

The physics of a game like these will either make or break the environment. In the case of Headmaster, the physics are spot on. Heading the balls feels pretty accurate, which is what one would expect from such a game. It does take some practice to head balls properly, mind you, just like it is in real life. Thankfully, there is a tutorial to take into account, which will help most players get used to the controls pretty quickly.

The fun only intensifies once the game decides to shake things up a bit.Smashing through boxes or defeating a goalie are just some of the challenges you will face along the way. Players also get a few tools at their disposal, including a different type of ball to knock over targets. The multi-ball option is by far our favorite one, although it takes a while to get the hang of it. Considering how this game has both offline and multiplayer co-op modes, there is no reason not to pick up Headmaster. It’s fun, challenging, and simply works.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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