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Infinite Minigolf Review – Hours of Fun and a Great Level Editor

Golfing games are one of our guilty pleasures. This is especially true when it comes to minigolf, as it is both fun and challenging at the same time. Infinite Minigolf is a game available in traditional and VR versions, with the PlayStation VR the only platform to support the latter type. The game is tons of fun and worth every dollar you pay for it. We hope to see more games like these made available for virtual reality gamers, as it offers hours and hours of fun.

Infinite Minigolf is a Blast in Virtual Reality

Although the Infinite Minigolf title is not necessarily something warranting a VR component, it works surprisingly well. Players can create their own avatar and customize it accordingly, which is a nice touch. Progressing through the game will unlock even more customization options, which can only be seen as a positive development. It also gives players an incentive to keep playing the game and unlock all of the extra goodies.

Cosmetics are not the only unlockable items, though. Progressing further in Infinite Minigolf grants you access to new golf balls, putters, and enhancements to improve your performance. Playing the game on the PlayStation VR is done with a DS4 controller, which works just fine without any issues. There is plenty of content to go around, especially when considering how players can design their own levels and share them with the rest of the world.

There is also a multiplayer component, although it is not a requirement by any means. More specifically, you can play online games if you want, but it is more fun to find new courses online and use those while playing offline. That is the one big downside to this game, as the online community is not as large as we would like it to be. Plus, we like to tinker around the Editor ourselves and make new courses for other people to enjoy.

As one would expect from a game called Infinite Minigolf, the graphics are cartoonish but nice to look at. There is also a degree of background animation, while in-game sounds are hard to come by. Then again, it is better than dealing with annoying sound effects which break your concentration. We had tons of fun playing it so far and will continue to do so for some time to come. If the online community grows over time, multiplayer minigolf will become quite engaging as well.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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