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Island Time VR Review – Cute but far too Limited to be a Survival Game

Whenever a VR game comes around with some cute animations and a focus on survival, we always have high expectations. Island Time seems to check a lot of the right boxes, albeit it is still a somewhat limited game. The lack of progress will also irk owners of the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR. The price tag of $14.99 isn’t that bad, though.

Island Time Has Potential But Fails to tap Into it

As is the case with any type of VR survival game, there is never a complete feeling of desperation and struggle. In Island Time, that situation is no different, even though you will need to keep your wits about you at times. The game itself is very story-driven, which is something we can thoroughly appreciate. Even so, there is never a feeling of actual survival about this game, which doesn’t necessarily make it less fun.

As you can expect from the trailer below, you are shipwrecked on a rather amusing island. With no rescue on the way, you simply have to keep yourself fed and hydrated until the game ends. Hunting for food is as challenging as one would expect. You need to figure out which items to use and combine into weapons, for example.

One rather odd thing about Island Time is the care packages. These contain timber and flint, which somewhat ruins the concept of a survival game in VR. Everything else is left up to the player, though, and the lack of handholding is more than welcome. While all of this seems novel, the “fun” can wear off after about half an hour of playing. The game simply is too small and limited, although it is not terrible by any means.

For most players, Island Time may very well be a game they play once and never touch again. There is no real reason to replay the game either, unless you want to complete the achievement. With no leaderboards of progression system, the experience will be virtually the same every single time. At the same time, the game packs a ton of charm with its visuals, voice acting, and the overall atmosphere.

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