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Kingdom of Blades Review – Great Hack-and-Slash Game

It is evident there are quite a few game types which will always do well in virtual reality. In the case of Kingdom of Blades, it draws some similarities with Fruit Ninja, although there are a fair few key differences between the two games as well. Chesstar Studios has brought a very enjoyable game to the HTC Vive and Oculus VR for the price of $9.99.

Kingdom of Blades is Extremely Fun

It doesn’t take that much to keep us happy while playing games in virtual reality. Decent action enjoyable graphics, and a great atmosphere usually do the trick. This particular game is set in the Three Kingdoms of China, where you need to hack through hordes of enemies and the “mini-bosses”. It is a great concept which works surprisingly well, even though it’s not necessarily unique.

The gameplay itself is about as hack-and-slash as it gets, which suits us just fine. Every fight feels oddly satisfying as you learn more about the background story and why you are fighting against different enemies. Additionally, the combat makes players work up quite a sweat, which allows us to game for longer periods in the hopes of losing some weight.

As is the case with any action game, Kingdom of Blades offers various weapons upgrades. These can be earned by completing levels successfully, preferably in excellent fashion. Some are very expensive and others come in loot boxes. While the latter system is not something we approve of for obvious reason, there is only in-game currency to spend and no real money involved.

All things considered, Kingdom of Blades will keep players engaged for quite a few hours. It is one of those games which people will continue to play or simply put down after 30 minutes. In our case, it is still the last game played in the library, and it will remain in the most recently played list for some time. The grinding aspect about this game is something we thoroughly appreciate.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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