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Knockout League Review – An Absolutely Brilliant Boxing Game

Boxing games are not as easy to come by in virtual reality as one would expect. Although this concept has a lot of merit, there was no game in this genre for the PlayStation VR until recently. Knockout League finally brings this experience to PlayStation fans. For the price of $29.99, the game has a lot of expectations to live up to. It is a great experience overall, even though no one should expect any realism whatsoever.

Knockout League is Incredibly Fun and Engaging

Bringing a boxing game to the PlayStation VR is one of the things Grab Games has done so far. The game itself clearly draws inspiration from Punchout!, and as we liked that series, it’s not surprising Knockout League appeals to us as well. The cartoonish graphics look great in our headset, and the boxing experience is quite interesting as well. This is not a game designed for players who want any ‘realistic” experience, even though the game is no joke either by any means.

With 2 PlayStation Move controllers representing your boxing gloves, you need to nail the timing of punching and defending accordingly. While this may seem pretty difficult at first, players will get the hang of it after a while. Additionally, it is advised to check out the tutorials out first and foremost, as there are some neat little tips to learn there as well. All of these small hints will come in handy during your nine fights, which get progressively more difficult.

Even though 9 fights may not seem like much, they are divided into three classes. Every fight last for six minutes or less, depending on potentially scoring a knockout. More specifically, not defeating your opponent in time automatically results in you losing the fight. All opponents have their own strategies and techniques. It is a brilliant game with a good difficulty setting and a lot of content to enjoy. Even if that means grinding the opponents down until you can nail their every move and countermove.

As one would expect from a video game, you have your own personal coach who will bark orders at you during the fights. This is another interesting addition to Knockout League as a whole, yet it shows the developers have put in a lot of work in this game. Some of your opponents will effectively kick your butt over and over again until you finally get the opening you have been looking for. Boxing isn’t an easy spot, and the challenge is motivating first and foremost. You will work up a hefty sweat while playing, which can only be considered to be a good thing. In our opinion, the game is worth every dollar, even though it may not be to everyone’s liking.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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