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Land’s End VR Review – A Must-buy For Puzzle Game Enthusiasts

There is no shortage of virtual reality games right now, although not all of them provide a fun experience. Land’s End, a basic puzzle game, is doing quite a good job at providing hours of entertainment while wearing a VR headset. It is also priced fairly cheap, at US$5.99. Moreover, the fact this game does not require a controller or touchpad is a big plus.

Land’s End Is Simple, Yet Quite Fun

It will take some time until we see virtual reality games that will provide a mind-blowing immersive experience. Until that time, there are plenty of less-advanced games to enjoy while wearing a VR headset. Land’s End certainly fits into this category, yet it is one of the few games that makes its lesser-quality graphics work in its favor. After all, fewer pixels to render results means less strain on your VR system.

Land’s End does a lot of things right, though. It provides a fun and engaging puzzle-solving environment where players will need to try and solve the task at hand. While it may seem rather simplistic at first, the difficulty slowly starts to ramp up slowly. Puzzle games are often either too simple or too difficult, yet Land’s End successfully provides an experience that is neither difficult nor overly easy. It is an engaging game that is accessible to VR players of all ages.

As the name somewhat suggests, players are trying to escape an isolated island that is always hovering somewhere in the background. Users solve puzzles by moving their hand around. Additionally, the head movement will also serve as a way to travel in between different puzzles. It is good to see the game developers focus on making this game accessible to everyone, rather than losing itself in overly difficult mechanics that ruins the whole experience.

One possible downside to the Land’s End is how it does require players to have some space around them to look around freely. On the flip side, no one will experience simulator sickness while playing this game, which is a positive note. After playing this game for a few hours, it still left us quite engaged and surprised at the same time. That said, it is a relatively short game, thus even the US$5.99 price tag may be a bit too steep for a few gamers. The game can be purchased from the Occulus store and is only available for the Samsung Gear VR so do not expect it on the Rift or the Vive.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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