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League of War: VR Arena Disappoints in Campaign and Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer VR games will either be a big hit or die a painful death pretty quickly. It is somewhat surprising to see so many games mainly focus on the multiplayer aspect these days. League of War: VR Arena is one of those games that is pretty intense, even though the name is probably the worst in history. This game is currently available for PlayStation VR, although it may arrive on other platforms in the future as well.

League of War: VR Arena Needs Strong Support

On the surface, the concept of League of War: VR Arena is something any gamer can enjoy. You play in an arena with tanks other vehicles in an effort to wage small-scale war. Being able to go to war on a war table is pretty novel in the VR industry, and the developers have done a pretty good job in this regard. The game does require PlayStation Move controllers, which may be a bit of a downer for some. Thankfully, the controls in this game work quite well without too many issues. Otherwise, it would be game over before anyone even started playing seriously.

At its core, League of War: VR Arena doesn’t change all that much over time. Strategy games often introduce no real changes along the way, but in this case, it may prove to be somewhat of a hindrance in terms of long-term growth. Units are split into different categories, ranging from ground troops to aircrafts. Every unit has its own strengths and weaknesses, but they don’t matter much. There is no real ‘balance; in this game whatsoever, as anything can smash anything else with relative ease.

One thing we really dislike is how you lose control over units after they completed their initial task. For example, blowing up a tank means the unit used for this task goes off to do its own thing. While this works out fine sometimes, it can also become a problem and breaks the immersive aspect of being in full control over your squad. ┬áThis is a big problem for a game like this, and we hope the developers will address it in the future. In the campaign mode, this isn’t much of a problem, but when going online it may result in you losing the game eventually.

Additionally, some of the characters you meet during the campaign are annoying to listen to. The voice acting is a mixed bag of decent and horrible. Add this tot he story which makes no real sense, and it is evident multiplayer is clearly where it’s at for League of War: VR Arena. All things considered, the game isn’t exactly terrible, but it is far from the best at the same time.It is a decent enough game, but it may suffer from longevity issues in both offline and online mode. Not a good outlook for a game such as this one.

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