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Left-hand Path Review – A Worthy VR RPG With Tons of Content

It is not uncommon for game developers to take some inspiration from other popular genres. Left-hand Path is one of the most interesting fantasy RPGs available on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift right now. Mastering arcane arts, uncovering a gripping story, and staying alive are all bigger challenges than people might assume at first.For a game that has been in Early Access for over a year, it certainly looks and feels pretty solid right now.

Left-Hand Path is an Amazing VR Fantasy RPG

Although the game’s title may not hint a tit whatsoever, there is a lot more to Left-hand Path than one would assume at first. It is evident there is some inspiration from Dark Souls and Bloodborne in this game. Be warned, you will die a lot if you make even the slightest of mistakes. This is a very punishing game in the early stages, but you will learn something new from every death as well. A lot of players will quickly uninstall the game after their 20th death, but your perseverance will be rewarded eventually if you stick with it.

Being a mage is not easy and is done very different compared to what most people would assume. In fact, it is a far bigger challenge, as you need to perform spells correctly through gestures. It is a bit similar to The Wizards in this regard, as you will need to draw figures in the air to cast spells. Moreover, there are quite a lot of spells to learn and play around with. Not all of them are offensive spells either, as players can shield themselves with magical barriers or even bring light to the darkness.

The way you move around in Left-hand Path is equally as important, mind you. During intense battles, standing still will get you killed pretty quickly. Moving around can be done through teleportation or smooth movement. Both options are performed with the trackpad and makes for an enjoyable experience. It is also interesting how both movement types need to be used throughout the game. It makes everything more engaging overall while allowing players to get used to both options in the process.

Do keep in mind Left-hand path isn’t entirely without minor hitches. Interacting with objects can be a bit cumbersome at times. Melee combat feels a bit off, although it is evident the game is about casting spells first and foremost. Plus, the enemy AI needs a bit of tweaking, as most enemies behave in similar patterns. None of this takes away from the solid 12-15 hours of gameplay you will get out of this title, though. Certainly a worthy competitor to the few VR RPGs in existence today.

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