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Manifest 99 Review – The Most Gripping VR Experience to Date

One of the VR games we have been looking forward to for some time now goes by the name of Manifest 999. It is available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and the PlayStation VR at the same time. The setting is pretty eerie and the story has an air of mystery attached to it. It is also one of the first VR games to provide a glimpse of what the afterlife may hold for us all. As we had hoped for, the game delivers on its promise and is becoming one of our favorite games so far.

Manifest 99 is an Unusual but Engaging Experience

The outset of Manifest 99 is pretty interesting, as it revolves around finding redemption in the afterlife. It is not something most of us think of on a regular basis, but this VR experience proves things may not look anything like we imagine. The game is all about sending a very powerful message, and it is something all of us should certainly take to heart. The tale is filled with guilt, redemption, and even sacrifice. Although it is more of a short film than an actual game, it is told in a very gripping and emotional manner.

As the player, you are a lost soul who can body swap with any creatures you find. There is no need for specific controllers whatsoever, as the body swaps themselves are a movement mechanic and not an in-game action. Once you swap bodies with another entity in the game, you literally see their world from their perspective. Considering how this is critical to the story as a whole, we are pleased to see this mechanic isn’t complicated whatsoever.

Throughout Manifest 99, there are plenty of hidden items to collect, which is a nice addition. Every one of these items helps you uncover part of the story, which makes them somewhat essential to the experience. Missing out on a few will not make things overly complicated, though. Every main character you can body swap with will tell you their own life, struggles, and ambition in the form of a cutscene. All of this is presented in a unique and immersive manner, which we thoroughly appreciate.

The story arcs in Manifest 999 flow into one another in a perfect manner. It is a very emotional tale, to say the least, and it might be best to keep a few paper tissues nearby just in case. Although the experience only lasts 30 minutes, it feels like we get so much more content that lasts a lot longer. The atmosphere combined with great visual and audio and the storytelling itself combine for a great experience. At the price of $6, there is no reason for people not to pick it up whatsoever.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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