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Medusa’s Labyrinth VR Review – An Astonishing Disappointment

There are quite a few VR games which are either bad or simply rub people the wrong way. In the case of Medusa’s Labyrinth, it is a healthy mix of both, although that doesn’t do the game any favors whatsoever. In fact, we would advise users to skip on this game for the moment, as there is no reason to pick it up for VR purposes whatsoever. It feels like an unfinished product at best, that much is evident. Owners of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift need to find entertainment elsewhere.

Medusa’s Labyrinth Isn’t Suited for VR

While we had high hopes for the VR version of Medusa’s Labyrinth, reality kicked in pretty quickly. ┬áThe regular non-VR version of the game is pretty fun to play, but this VR feature is not worth exploring whatsoever. In fact, it is best to skip it altogether, as there is no added value whatsoever. In fact, there is one thing that will annoy a lot of people pretty quickly.

The regular game is free-to-play, but this port requires users to pay $5 to experience the game in virtual reality. While this may make sense to some people, there is no reason to warrant such a decision whatsoever. If the VR portion of the game was done in a proper way, however, we would gladly pay the price of admission. Unfortunately, this is where Medusa’s Labyrinth VR falls apart pretty quickly.

Although we usually find some positive points about a VR game in the end, Medusa’s Labyrinth VR checks all of the wrong boxes. That is quite an achievement in its own way, mind you, but not one we would Iike to see repeated in the future. The game looks very bland – and borderline horrible – which is nothing like what we expected. Moreover, the game controls like a car with four square wheels driving on train tracks. To top it all off, there are quite a few glitches which make you turn off the game pretty quickly.

It is possible the developers will issue an emergency patch for Medusa’s Labyrinth VR, but if so, they should have properly finished and tested the game before charging $5. There is nothing remotely enticing about this game either, as it feels like a walking simulator of the worst kind. A very troublesome game in its current form, that much is certain.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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