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Megaton Rainfall Review – Become a Superhero in VR

When it comes to finding the new hot game in virtual reality, there are a few interesting choices to take into account. Megaton Rainfall is getting a ton of positive reviews so far, to say the very least. Saving Planet Earth from an alien invasion in virtual reality is a ton of fun. We reviewed the game on PlayStation VR, and the game looks and feels pretty great so far.

Megaton Rainfall is a Kick-ass Game

We usually aren’t too happy about how VR games are presented when dealing with an alien invasion angle. Most of these games end up as a mediocre wave shooter with underutilized potential. Megaton Rainfall raises the bar in every single way as far as alien-themed games are concerned. There is flying, shooting, power-ups, and plenty of enemies to deal with. In fact, it is one of the more complete alien-themed VR games we have seen to date.

As the game somewhat suggests, your goal is to destroy an enemy race of aliens. Players can effectively soar across the planet like a real superhero and obliterate foes accordingly. Most of the game, it feels like a well-done FPS game, but there is also an arcade feeling we can’t seem to shake. That is a good sign, mind you, as Megaton Rainfall checks all of the right boxes for us.

One thing that could turn people off is how you are effectively impervious to attack. However, Megaton Rainfall has its own “failing” system, as players need to stay on their toes at all. There are plenty of challenges ahead, and you can’t let too many humans fall into the enemy’s hands or die. This is not a brainless game by any means, even though, there is a lot of straightforward action to be enjoyed as well.

The developers made the enemy AI pretty difficult to deal with at times, but nothing gets overly frustrating whatsoever. Players get a lot of abilities at their disposal to tinker around with as well. However, you have to balance this new power by keeping collateral damage to an absolute minimum. There is absolutely nothing to dislike about Megaton Rainfall, and we highly recommend it to all PSVR owners out there. One small downside is how the visuals are not the best, but it is something one can easily forgive given the tons of fun.

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