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Neptune Flux Review – An Enjoyable Short Story Worth Checking Out

A game by the name of Neptune Flux has been released for virtual reality gaming enthusiasts. It looks like a very gloomy game, which immediately sets the mood for this game. It is another one those VR short stories, but one that will leave players with a sense of completion once they are done with it. It is available for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR.

Neptune Flux is a Proper VR Short Story

One could argue virtual reality is perfectly suited for short stories. This is not always the case, though, as the vast majority of these experiences are underwhelming and anything but immersive.Neptune Flux shows there is still hope for this it provides both a good story and some gameplay mechanics everyone can get used to It is almost as if you are playing a new game from Telltale Studios, yet the developer is someone else entirely.

The player is put into the skin of Sarah, a member of a deep sea colonization mission. The surface is in a state of constant war and colonizing the oceans is our only viable option. Additionally, Sarah’s mother is also missing and the story will help you uncover some of the clues along the way. There are some interesting plot twists throughout Neptune Flux, although none of them are groundbreaking by any means. Some parts don’t make much sense either and will leave many a player wondering whether or not things should have been handled differently.

Neptune Flux is a short story in the true sense, as it at all but an hour That is remarkably short, even for virtual reality standards. Then again, it is good to see  a game that doesn’t string players along just for the sake of it. Everything is sharp and to the point. The game mostly has you explore, solve puzzles, and salvage materials. There is also a minor upgrade system will take advantage of, although most people would overlook it.

Despite the short duration and some hits and misses, Neptune Flux is an enjoyable short story. The feeling of being under the ocean’s surface in VR is quite riveting, to say the least. It is not something everything will like by any means, but it is worth picking up for a cheap price. It is short enjoyable, and has a decent story. Certainly worth picking up in our book, yet your mileage may vary.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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