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Nick Review – A Free-to-play VR Game That Just Works

Although the name might not suggest it, Nick is an actual virtual reality game for the HTC Vive. It’s also free-to-play, which makes it even more interesting. As is usually the case with such F2P games, however, there are things to like and things to hate. For a survival shooter defense game, Nick certainly offers a pleasant experience. It’s not even necessary to spend money on the game either, which is always a nice bonus.

Nick is a Free-to-Play VR Game That Works

In the world of video gaming, free-to-play titles do not have the best of reputations whatsoever. Most of them are pay-to-win, which means users can spend a lot of real life money on gaining a competitive edge over other players. It is the kind of business model we would rather not see in virtual reality, but if Nick is any indication, we will have to revise that opinion in the future.More specifically, the entire concept just works and it doesn’t even feel as if this is a free-to-play game either.

While shooter defense games are plentiful in the world of VR Nick ads a nice survival element to it. Your goal is to fight robotic elves attacking your base. Unlike most wave shooters, however, you can actually move around through teleportation. This is pretty interesting, as it genuinely allows you to run around your base and fight off the invaders in quick succession. It is a feature we will hopefully see in other similar games over time.

As one would expect, you can upgrade your base to make it more powerful and less prone to attacks. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect is how you can board up windows with wooden planks, although you have to bring the wood to the lumber mill yourself. This small touch makes for a great game, especially considering this is a free-to-play title. Along your trips around the base, there is also extra ammunition to pick up, which will come in handy later on.

There is nothing we dislike about Nick, and it almost eels as if it is a game we paid $15 or more for. Moreover, it has some good Christmas vibes, which are more than appreciated this time of year. The controls are fun and easy to pick up, and everything about Nick just works as one would expect. A very interesting game, and it shows there is a bright future ahead for free-to-play VR games at this rate.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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