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Operation Apex Review – A Tranquil but Also Tense Scuba Diving Experience

The world of VR gaming allows players to experience a wide variety of environments and play modes. Scuba diving in virtual reality is very different from real life, but that doesn’t make it less engaging. Especially where Operation Apex is concerned, the game certainly delivers an experience few people hope to experience in real life. Owners of the HTC Vive may want to look into picking up this game for $19.99.

Operation Apex is not a Relaxing Dive

As the name somewhat suggests, you are not going scuba diving to find different types of sea stars in Operation Apex. Instead, you will be swimming with the fishes at the top of the food chain. Although your mission is to explore the wildlife and gather data, it doesn’t take long until you come across the first underwater species looking to eat you alive. It wouldn’t necessarily be different in real life, mind you, as scuba diving is always a risky endeavor.

Since your objective is to tag and analyze wildlife, it also means you have far less cute animals to go after. Things start out innocently enough with sea urchins, crabs, and so forth. However, there are also sharks and other animals to contend with at any given moment. Everything in this game is presented in such an immersive manner, you might even scare a bit when a predator suddenly swims into view. The educational angle of Operation Apex should not be overlooked, as you will learn a few new things along the way.

Moving around underwater requires two controllers, but it works extremely well. Point in the direction you want to swim in, use both controllers to go faster, et cetera. It is all very basic, but it just works so well for this game, there are no complaints from our side. While we thoroughly enjoy the overall experience of swimming in the ocean to tag different animals, the overall experience is still fairly short.

In fact, you will be lucky to get more than a full hour of gameplay out of the game. There is some replay value if you just want to relax while scuba diving, although you still have to be wary of the apex predators circling above you. Whether or not the current content justifies the full retail price, is always subject to interpretation. Since the game has replay value for different reasons, it is not overpriced whatsoever. However, for those players who play it once or twice and never again, $19.99 may be a bit too steep.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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