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Organ Quarter Review – A Great Survival Horror Game Despite Mediocre Graphics

While a VR game by the name of Organ Quarter may not necessarily sound appealing, the game itself holds up quite well. This latest game in the survival horror genre has some interesting elements to it. There are also a few puzzles to solve, and the characters are quite entertaining. Organ Quarter is available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift at a price of $24.99.

Organ Quarter is Pretty Impressive

Let’s start off this review by getting the big downside out of the way first. Organ Quarter has graphics which are not the most appealing in 2018. Even so, it does not detract from the survival horror atmosphere all that much, but it will definitely annoy some players. Especially when it comes to the way faces are constructed, there seems to be something off. It’s not something that will prevent you from enjoying Organ Quarter, but it’s worth noting regardless. ┬áThe interaction with the environment does not suffer from the mediocre graphics whatsoever.

Speaking of interaction with the game world, it feels oddly satisfying. Whether you are collecting an item or handling a new weapon, the game is immersive in a way other survival horror games can only dream of. The developers also did an excellent job to prevent motion sickness, which is always a very real concern when it comes to this game genre. Moreover, everything you need to do within the game just makes a lot of sense. Organ Quarter provides us with everything we would hope for, and it never disappoints except for the graphics.

It is also worth noting Organ Quarter is a game which is all about the story, the interactions, and the game world itself. Getting to your end goal is nothing to rush by any means, as there is a genuinely interesting game environment to check out over time. While the story itself may not always make sense, it is evident the environment you are in certainly tells a story of its own. For the people who genuinely appreciate such games, Organ Quarter is certainly worth checking out.

Based on our personal experiences with the game, it is evident Organ Quarter checks a lot of the right boxes. It has a solidly increasing difficulty curve, yet nothing to be overly concerned about whatsoever. The music, combined with the overall atmosphere and game world design, certainly makes for an interesting mix. While the graphics are a bit disappointing, one has to appreciate the work the developers have put into this game first and foremost. It’s well worth the purchase if you own any of the compatible headsets.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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