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Polybius Review – Fast-paced Shooter With a Pounding Soundtrack

One of the top VR games in 2017 goes by the name of Polybius. It is an excellent single-player game which will keep enthusiasts engaged for some time to come. Although it is only available for the PlayStation VR, it can be played while sitting down, which is a nice bonus. We immediately fell in love with the game, and other enthusiasts will do the same.

Polybius Is Incredibly Addictive in a Good Way

It does not happen all that often VR games leave players craving for more. In most cases, we pick up a game, play for a handful of hours, and never touch it again. Polybius has proven to be very different in this regard, as it was incredibly difficult to put down. All of the aspects of the game click together into one incredibly enjoyable experience.

It has to be said Polybius is a fast-paced game, but it is very smooth and frictionless at the same time. In fact, it is one of the few games running at 120FPS which won’t make most people queasy. Despite the game not having any boss fights to speak of, it makes you want to pick it up again as soon as you put it down. That is very uncommon among VR games, but we can only hope it becomes the new standard moving forward.

The word “bask” is certainly applicable to Polybius, as that is what we did most of the time. It is an incredibly immersive game, focusing on shooting, hyperspeed, and massive visual effects. The pounding soundtrack is perfect for this type of game, although it may not be to everyone’s liking right away. It is difficult to picture this game with a different soundtrack, though.

There are around 50 levels to enjoy, and every new one is even more addictive than the previous one. Polybius is quite a challenging game, yet it does not provide players with any frustration whatsoever. Everyone who owns a Playstation VR headset needs to pick up Polybius right now, as it is an absolute joy to play More games like these will easily put VR on the radar for consumers all over the world.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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