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Pop-up Pilgrims Review – Fun Lemmings-like Game for the PS VR

There are so many different VR games to choose from, it is almost difficult to keep track of them all. Pop-up Pilgrims is a VR adaptation of the “Save the Pilgrims” game of many years ago. Its concept works surprisingly well, as the game offers a lot of fun things to do. Moreover, there is a great visual art style for players to enjoy. The game is currently available for the PlayStation VR for $16.99.

Pop-up Pilgrims is a fun Puzzling Game

For most people, the title of Pop-up Pilgrims may not necessarily indicate what this game is all about. In this particular case, you are playing a puzzle and exploration game in which you need to move your group of pilgrims from point A to point B throughout many different levels. Based on the art style, one would almost think this is a different type of LocoRoco game, even though it also draws some inspiration from most Japanese games we come across today.

With a great visual style and fitting music, it quickly becomes evident Pop-up Pilgrims is not a money grab whatsoever. It is a beautiful and fun game, even though we do not like the character design itself all that much. While there’s nothing wrong with over-the-top graphics, this just doesn’t seem to fit the bill whatsoever. At the same time, there are those who think it’s absolutely cute, thus your individual opinions may vary in this regard.

Controlling your characters throughout the game works well, for the most part. It is pretty simple to look and move around, and there is only one button to press to issue commands to your pilgrims.It is important to keep a tight leash on your pilgrims, though, as they tend to wander off on their own.  While this can have some very comical consequences, it can also get a bit annoying at times. Saving as many pilgrims as possible will reward you with a bronze, silver, or gold medal for the level. These medals are needed to progress further into the game.

Thankfully, the game has a slow but steady difficulty curve. Multitasking becomes a second nature once you get past the first handful of levels. At that time, it is no longer acceptable to lose track of your pilgrims whatsoever, as it will backfire on you rather quickly. There is a good amount of content to enjoy, and the game is a lot of fun to play. With no tutorial, you will have to learn this game pretty quickly, but the basic controls make that more than possible. Overall, it’s a great game and one all PS VR enthusiasts should give a fair chance.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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