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Preta: Vendetta Rising Review – A Must-buy for any RPG fan

PlayStation VR owners are quite fortunate when it comes to exploring new games. A lot of different creators have popped up in recent months, and Preta: Vendetta Rising is a very promising title in this regard. It is a great hack-and-slash action RPG for the PS VR. The price of $19.99 seems more than warranted, as we get several dozens of hours of content for this price.

Preta: Vendetta Rising is a Game We’ve been Waiting for

As is the case with any RPG in virtual reality, there needs to be sufficient content to keep players engaged at all times. In the case of Preta: Vendetta, the developers promise up to 50 hours of gameplay, which seems to be rather steep. Even so, there is a ton to do in this game, all of which makes for an extremely enjoyable experience. With three dynamic characters to choose from and hordes of enemies to be slain, there is a ton of great content players can look forward to.

The combat in this game is on the highest level we have seen to date. It looks, feels and plays completely as one would expect. All of this action takes place in some of the most gorgeous VR settings we have come across to date, and it is not surprising to see why so many of our friends were excited about this title. This is by far the best RPG in VR as of right now, and it will be very difficult for upcoming titles to top this game.

The creepy atmosphere in Preta: Vendetta Rising is quite impressive. Although it is not easy to accomplish such a goal, the developers did an excellent job in this regard. This is not a game with a happy story and beautiful forests with plenty of wildlife to explore. It is dark, evil, brooding, and as barren as it gets. All of this is achieved with excellent graphics and environments, combined with a soundtrack that fits the game quite well.

One downside is how the plot is something people will either like or hate, but for us, it more than did the job. Your jobs span completing quests, slashing through enemies, gathering items, et cetera. There’s also a forging system to let players upgrade their weapons and equipment, which is a very nice bonus. After spending over a dozen hours in Preta: Vendetta Rising, we are still excited about continuing the story and fighting more enemies. That is something very few other VR games has achieved so far.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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