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Raw Data Review – A High-quality VR Wave Shooter With Lots of Gaming Options

Even though VR games are easy to come by, most of us are still waiting for that “top notch” game. Raw Data certainly shows the entire world we can have a Hollywood-level production of quality games, even though the game has some flaws it needs to sort out. The game is currently available for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR. It is one of the more satisfying games, even though the difference in playable classes is negligible. For the price of $29.99 – discounted from $39.99 – this game can be yours as well.

Raw Data is A Visual Feast for VR Users

It is evident the Raw Data developers haven’t spared any expenses to produce high-quality gameplay. The look and feel of this game is well above the average by quite a margin. In fact, some of our friends we showed it to refer to it as a “Hollywood action game in VR”. That praise is more than justified, mind you, as Raw Data looks and feels absolutely genuine. Explosive action, plenty of exciting weapons, and co-op opportunity all make this game more than worth checking out.

In a way, Raw data looks and plays like the VR action game all of us have been waiting on for so long. It almost feels as if you are actually playing as the lead actor in an action-packed sci-fi movie. Rest assured there is plenty of action in this game, and controlling weapons feels extremely satisfying. Moreover, switching between weapons feels natural and there is nothing we dislike about this part of the game whatsoever. Plus, there are ten campaign missions, which provide a fair amount of content to players.

While the concept of choosing between different classes seems exciting at first, it turns out to be rather disappointing. Other than some visual changes, the game virtually plays the exact same. That is a bit of a letdown, although things may still change in the future through some content patches. There are some very subtle differences between the classes, but not necessarily enough to replay the game three times to check out all classes.

While we thoroughly enjoy playing Raw Data, it is difficult to shake off the feeling we have seen and done this before in a different setting. There is only so much one can do with wave shooters in VR, and this game is by far the best out here in terms of quality and visuals. However, the same concepts apply, as you fight off hordes of enemies in a defense challenge mode. Thankfully, the multiple multiplayer modes help out in this regard is a lot of fun. There is also an active online multiplayer mode, although it remains to be seen how many players will stick around in a few months from now.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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