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Rise of Insanity Review – Decent Horror Game for VR Enthusiasts

Rise of Insanity is one of those VR horror games which people will either love or absolutely hate. The linear aspect f this game is not really bothersome, and the story-driven aspect certainly puts your hair on end. This twisted psychological horror game is on a different level altogether and definitely not advised for people who can’t stand jump scares. Users of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift can pick the game up for $9.99.

Rise of Insanity is Surprisingly Fun

Although linear VR games hardly ever do well, it does make sense in the horror genre most of the time. Rise of Insanity is no different in this regard, as you don’t have to figure many things out on your own. As such, there is a good horror vibe to the game which will mess with your mind on virtually every occasion. There’s no requirement to stand up, although it could certainly enhance the overall experience if that’s your thing.

What makes the game so appealing is how the entire atmosphere of this game gives you the creeps from the first to the last minute. Combined with the smooth locomotion system to move around, it literally makes your skin crawl at times. The game can be played with either a gamepad or keyboard and mouse, as well as regular motion controllers. All of these options provide similar experiences, albeit using keyboard and mouse tends to become quite frustrating. That will hopefully be fixed by the developers later on.

Your job is to move throughout the game environment, looking for items and clues, and solve a few relatively easy puzzles. While that sounds like a walk in the park, the atmosphere in this game almost makes it feel as if you are dragging yourself to the slaughterhouse waiting to be executed. There are a lot of jump scares in this game, and the faint of heart may want to watch a few gameplay videos before purchasing this game.

While Rise of Insanity could look better graphically it doesn’t detract from the game all that much. It has a good storyline, decent enough voice acting, and sufficient gameplay to warrant the price. It is still a bit on the short side, but a lot of players may find that a good thing, as the overall experience can get quite scary. Definitely worth picking up if you like horror games.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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