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Rockband VR Review – Far More Approachable Than its Predecessors

Truth be told, we have never been the greatest fans of Rockband. Although it is understandable this type of game appeals to a lot of people, we don’t count ourselves among them whatsoever. That being said, when Rockband VR came to market, things suddenly changed. This game effectively allows owners of the Oculus Rift to become actual “rock gods”.

Rockband VR is not Your Average Music Game

Compared to other versions of Rockband or even Guitar Hero, Rockband VR is a very different creature altogether. Especially given the developments and options provided by the VR industry, it is only normal developers want to make use of all the real estate they possibly can. For Harmonix, the developers of this game, that was a godsend in a way. This game offers everything fans of the genre would have hoped for, although in a slightly different manner.

Rock Band VR puts the player – or players – on an actual stage, which is a nice touch. Everything around you feels solid including swappable stage locations, bandmates, pedals, and everything else one could think of. It is no longer about fixing on the chords or changes of the music itself, as there is no real “failure” to deal with. Players have to hit certain notes to maximize their score, which is a far more convenient approach to the music game genre.

This does not make Rockband VR an easier game by any means, though. There is still a fair amount of challenge for the players who take their performance seriously. There are different concepts to master, which provides ample challenge and replayability for all players. In fact, you can change the sound of all instruments as you see fit, which is certainly an option worth exploring.Having multiple ways to “perform” songs is pretty significant, to say the least.

However, not everything is perfect in the world of Rockband VR. Without any real “difficulty” setting, the challenge may not necessarily be there for everyone. This game clearly wants to make people feel good about playing, rather than punishing mistakes. At the same time, the game is far more approachable than its predecessors, which is something that shouldn’t be overlooked by any means. Having fun is the main objective of this game, and we applaud the developers for taking this approach.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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