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ROM: Extraction Review – One of the Better VR Wave Shooters

Sometimes it feels as if most VR games seemingly take place in ¬†a space setting. That is not necessarily a bad thing, assuming the game in question is fun enough to play. ROM” Extraction for the HTC Vive is an interesting game in this regard with a proper background story as well. Its main bread and butter is the in-game combat, though, which is pretty impressive overall. ¬†Although this game is another one of those wave shooters, it feels satisfying enough, mainly thanks to the free expansion upgrade.

ROM: Extraction Offers Lots of fun

Wave shooters in virtual reality are often a hit or miss. In most cases, they are a big miss, rather than a solid hit. That in itself is not exactly surprising whatsoever, as the genre is being milked by a lot of game developers. Making one’s game stand out is anything but easy these days, for obvious reasons. Thankfully, there is still some hope for this particular type of game, as ROM: Extraction shows how these VR wave shooters should look and feel.

To put this into perspective, ROM: Extraction at least offers a background story. That is more than we can say for most other VR games in this specific genre right now. Although it is not necessarily the best story, it does get the job done to create a more immersive experience overall. Moreover, the free expansion pack which was released not too long ago adds even more content to this game, which is a nice bonus. Considering how the game industry is plagued by paid DLC these days, a free expansion is much appreciated.

Wave shooters primarily hinge on their combat and ROM: Extraction does the job pretty well in this regard.We do advise all players to go through the tutorial first and foremost to get the hang of this game. Although it is not overly complicated – and even too easy at some points – it is still worth checking the basics out first and foremost. In this game, you will use a mixture of traditional weapons and orbs. It is mainly the orb throw you will need to perfect, which may take some time.

This particular focus on slowing down time is pretty unique. We had expected a far less compelling game, but ORB: Extraction shows the developers put in a lot of effort. With fast-paced and intense combat mixed with some strategic thinking on your part, this is definitely one of the better VR wave shooters available today. Although the game is still a bit short, it is worth picking up regardless.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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