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Rosebaker’s Icy Treats Review – An Enjoyable Work-Game

It is not the first time we see a VR game which involves food and aliens. In the past, we saw a game where you had to make a variety of fast food for an intriguing alien race. In Rosebaker’s Icy Treats, your job is to make ice cream according to very specific instructions. Rosebaker’s Icy Treats is available for the HTC Vive for $14.99. It is quite a novel game but one most people may not enjoy in the slightest.

Rosebaker’s Icy Treats is Rather Interesting

While few people ever hope to make ice creams for an alien race, the VR experience is not all that worrisome whatsoever. In fact, the novel approach this game has to offer is quite entertaining, albeit it is not something everyone will enjoy whatsoever. All of these food-creation games look and feel rather similar after a while and Icy Treats is no exception in this regard as of right now. It is very basic at its core, yet it does work quite well when using VR controllers.

In the game itself, you are kept on your toes at all times as ice cream orders start pouring in. It is certainly possible you will spend a few hours playing this game without even realizing it at first. The charm of Rosebaker’s Icy Treats is pretty appealing if you keep an open mind toward such games. There is a very real chance a lot of players will get bored with this mechanic at first glance, but the game deserves a fair chance. Concepts like these either succeed or fall flat from the get-go, and Icy Treats is no different.

The graphics of Rosebaker’s Icy Treat are decent and very cartoonish. For us, it is pleasing on the eyes, but it is once again something you like or dislike. The gameplay itself works rather smoothly, as nothing overly difficult comes your way in the first few levels. As you progress, more ingredients become available and customers will make far more complicated demands. Their patience will also run out a lot quicker, forcing you to bust your best moves and whip out some tasty ice cream.

Overall, there is nothing we dislike about Rosebaker’s Icy Treats. It is an enjoyable game if you keep an open mind to it. Nothing feels out of place and the game works without any groundbreaking bugs whatsoever. While the graphics could use a bit more polish, the overall gameplay is quite enjoyable and comes with many bright colors. It feels rather satisfying to put some sauce on an ice cream and hand it to a waiting customer. It is definitely a game worth checking out, especially if you can get it at a slight discount.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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