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Runesage Review – A Proper RPG For Virtual Reality Enthusiasts

Runesage promises to offer a full-fledged RPG experience to virtual reality enthusiasts. For the price of $9.99, owners of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift can get a hands-on experience with this game. Initially released in Early Access about a year ago, Runesage has gotten a fair amount of positive reviews so far. All of these remarks are more than justified, as it is a very pleasant game. That is, assuming you can get through the first few hours.

Runesage is Content-Packed and Worth the Money

For the price of $9.99, most people wouldn’t expect much from a virtual reality-oriented role-playing game. In the case of Runesage, it is one of the first games we feel is relatively underpriced compared to the value we get out of it. Do keep in mind the initial hour or two of the game feels a bit bland, but things will definitely pick up once you get past this “introduction”. All of the explanations during this period are necessary to further progress as well. It may be a bit boring to some, but looking back on it, it made sense.

The main concept of Runesage revolves around solving puzzles, which come in many different shapes and sizes. Everything oozes a fantasy theme, for which we give props to the game developers. Other than solving puzzles, you will be looking items and exploring the map. It has to be said, this game has one of the biggest open world experiences we have come across in VR to date. There is plenty of content to enjoy and the exploration aspect alone will keep you occupied for several hours.

In fact, it appears the game has over 15 hours of gameplay, combined with dozens of spells to use and very diverse environments. Every area you “unlock” will feel fresh and fun, which is another example of excellent development. It is good to see a VR game which is completed in 2 hours or less for a change, especially for this price. The spells themselves are varied and fun to use, although some of them require a combination of different casts to be even remotely useful. It incentivizes players to think about possible combinations rather than choosing one spell and sticking with it.

While we applaud the vast content and variety of spells, Runesage isn’t exactly pleasing on the eyes. The graphics are lackluster, but they feel unique enough to provide players with hours of fun. Some work could have been put into the visual design, perhaps, but for the price, we can’t really complain whatsoever. All things considered, Runesage is well worth picking up for this price. It has hours of fun content, different spells, and plenty of regions to explore. It is an example of how VR RPGs need to be created moving forward.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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