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Sairento VR Review – Gory Samurai Action With Fun Controls

It is good to see so many new game developers jump onto the VR bandwagon. While established developers may deliver better titles, indie game developers shouldn’t be underestimated. Mixed Realms’ Sairento VR is an interesting ninja game taking place in futuristic Japan. In fact, you are a cyber ninja, which sounds as exciting as it really is. The game is available on HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift for the price of US$24.99.

Sairento VR is an Absolute Blast

Any game which lets you play as a ninja – or a cyber-ninja in this case – is either terrible or extremely good. Our first impressions of Sairento VR are rather positive, as the futuristic setting is believable and realistic to a certain degree. There is also a virus you need to help fight which is slowly infecting other cyber-ninjas, resulting in them turning against their own friends. Finding out the source of this corruption is your first objective at all times.

Sairento VR has both an offline and online modus, which is good to see. The gameplay is incredibly fun and the controls are smooth. Considering you will have to use Vive or Oculus controls, it is good to see there are no major issues to encounter during your gameplay The variety in enemies may leave a bit to be desired, although one wouldn’t expect much else from what is mainly a hack-and-slash game in our opinion. Mixing gun fighting with sword play is quite fun and exciting, as it will sincerely change the way you want to tackle oncoming enemies.

Moving around in the game is done in different ways The most common ways is through double jumping and wall running, but there is also a teleportation system. We had no experiences of simulator sickness despite some frantic movements, which shows this indie developer certainly has their ducks in  a row in this regard. One thing to watch out for is how this game almost feels like exercising in real life, which is both good and bad. Some hardware doesn’t take too well to sweating profusely, but most people will manage just fine.

Sairento VR also features an upgrade system and incentivizes players to collect enchantments. Clearing more enemies will result in earning more money and collecting experience. There is a massive amount of fighting and violence involved in this game, which will lead to some very bloody scenes. Quite interesting, considering most enemies are semi-robots. Sairento VR is well worth picking up for anyone who wants to be a ninja and wield a katana. The game is well worth the money and more upgrades are seemingly on the horizon.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.