Seeking Dawn Could be the Game Virtual Reality Desperately Needs

Although there are a handful of decent VR games out there, a lot of users are waiting for a major release. Seeking Dawn may finally provide players with what they have been asking for. A large-scale survival-exploration FPS and RPG in virtual reality sounds pretty exciting. So far, the videos and images of the game look quite appealing. Moreover, it also provides hours of gaming fun, which is something other offerings tend to lack.

Seeking Dawn Could Be a Big Hit

A lot of people who own a VR headset bought one with high expectations regarding future games. So far, the ecosystem has not been entirely disappointing. However, the number of good games with multiple hours of great content can be counted on two hands. It is evident something will need to change in this regard. Seeking Dawn may be the first game that will bring a lot of positive momentum to the VR gaming industry as a whole.

The game positions itself as a survival-exploration FPS and RPG. That is quite the mouthful, yet it also highlights the potential of this VR game. Users will be dropped in a world where survival is the top priority. That is much easier said than done, considering there are life-threatening creatures and unknown dangers lurking around every corner. More importantly Seeking Dawn will provide over 10 hours of gameplay, which is rather rare among VR games these days.

According to the game developers, Seeking Dawn will run at a constant 90 frames per second. That in itself is quite a major feat, although 90 fps has become somewhat of the expected norm among VR gamers. The bigger question is whether or not Seeking Dawn can actually deliver, or will only succeed in disappointing VR enthusiasts once again. If it is the latter, things will take a turn for the worse regarding hardware sales.

What is rather peculiar is how some people seem to label this game as an MMO. That is not the case by any means, although it seems to support multiplayer capabilities. This appears to be more of a co-op game compared to an MMO, though. We will know more once Seeking Dawn is officially released, although no official date has been announced has been made public at this time. It is good to see some lengthier VR games come to market. Over 10 hours of gameplay – on the first playthrough – is quite impressive these days.

By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.