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Skyworld Review – The Best VR Strategy Game to Date

Turn-based strategy games are a great fit for virtual reality. Skyworld is one of the few games bravely venturing into this new world. Bringing real-time battle elements to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift owners for the price of $39.99 has been a smart decision. We picked it up during the initial 25% discount sale, though, but the game is certainly worth full price as well.

Skyworld Raises the Turn-based VR Gaming Bar

It is good to see game developers bring the concept of real-time strategy games to the virtual reality world. It seems a lot of developers are trying to compete in the wave shooter genre, which is quickly becoming oversaturated. Skyworld shows there is a bright future ahead for this particular genre among VR enthusiasts. The game looks incredibly good and the strategy elements are of the best quality we have seen in VR so far.

As one would expect from a turn-based strategy game, everything is laid out on a round table. Players can turn the table or drag it up or down depending on their preferences. Your job is to protect the game world from demons or from other players, depending on singleplayer or multiplayer mode. While the maps themselves may look pretty similar, every game feels different and refreshing in a good way. A job well done by the developers, to say the least.

One thing that stands about Skyworld is how everything flows naturally and at a good speed. Turn-based strategy games often seem to drag on forever, but that is not the case as far as this game is concerned. The singleplayer campaign in the game is fleshed out pretty well, although advanced players may feel it’s a bit lackluster at times. That said, the strategy aspect tries to keep things as engaging as possible. Tough decisions have to be made at the right time, otherwise, your kingdom will effectively fall.

All things considered, Skyworlds for virtual reality is extremely well optimized in every possible aspect. The gameplay is incredibly enjoyable, although it is not the most in-depth approach we have seen in the world of RTS games. All things considered, the game is well worth picking up and provides plenty of value for the price of $39.99. It remains to be seen how well the multiplayer component holds up over time, though. We may even see some more content patches by the developers as well, although that has not been officially confirmed.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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