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Special Delivery Review – Frustration and Horrible Controls Ruin the fun

PlayStation VR owners have seen a major influx of new games lately. Some of those titles have a lot of potential, whereas others are less exciting. Special Delivery is a rather remarkable game, although it is not necessarily a game for every by any means. In fac,t the odds are most people will end up hating it altogether. Playing a paperboy is not something everyone wants to pay money to do, for obvious reasons. It’s not the best example of VR technology by any means, but it can still be fun for a few hours.

Special Delivery is a Unique Game

It doesn’t happen all that often we come across a game with no real locomotion requirements whatsoever. More specifically, Special Delivery is pretty unique in this regard. The game relies on your steering a bike, but pedaling is fully automatic. The only movements involved is swiveling your head from left to right as a form of steering. Not only is this possibly the worst type of control method, but it also feels a lot clunkier than it is supposed to. In fact, it is downright horrible more often than not.

The default steering sensitivity is utterly frustrating, but it can be adjusted. The menu to change this option certainly needs a lot of work as well. Even at maximum sensitivity, we did not encounter simulator sickness, although your mileage may vary. To deliver papers, look at a house and press the trigger button. It’s horribly inaccurate as well, but that is what makes it somewhat challenging. Plus, the game is rather surprisingly forgiving in this regard.

This game is not just about moving your head and tossing papers, though. Instead, you also have to dodge obstacles, ranging from cars to people and even the weather. Failing to avoid most obstacles results in death and will get on your nerves pretty fast. Every run completed somewhat successfully will move the calendar one day ahead. The further you get, the more obstacles will show up. Other than that, there is no real purpose in the game. It is basically a VR version of the Paperboy game of the eighties. It just got a lot more frustrating than it already was.

While the visuals of the game are acceptable, there is nothing special about Special Delivery. It’s not spectacular in any way and most people won’t enjoy playing it more than a few times. Special Delivery is a valuable addition to the PS VR ecosystem, mind you, but it targets a niche market of gamers. With horrible controls and a lot of frustrating elements, you may want to pass up on this game unless you are really , really serious about playing it. Definitely worth renting if that ever becomes an option, though.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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