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Stifled Review – A Mesmerizing but Short VR Stealth Game

A virtual reality game with a massive emphasis on stealth will either be a hit or a miss. Most people who pick up Stifled may think stealth means sneaking up on enemies and killing them, but that is not the case. A first-person stealth game with a great narrative make for a great environment At the same time, one has to wonder how many people will effectively appreciate this type of game. Stifled is available for the PlayStation VR for the price of $19.99.

Stifled is Enjoyable but Feels Pretty Short

It is evident the developers of Stifled tried their hardest to create something the world hadn’t seen before. In the virtual reality industry, there are little to no actual stealth games. Stifled is a brave venture in this regard, and we liked the game a lot more than originally expected. There are many reasons why a lot of other people wouldn’t give this game a second thought after viewing the trailer though. It all depends on personal preferences, which is only to be expected.

It is pretty difficult to compare Stifled to any other VR game these days. There are no attack options, which is pretty cumbersome when you find yourself in trouble. Exploration and the narrative are the two driving factors of this game, which are both done quite well. The game also offers a fair amount of collectibles to check out, including notes, pictures, and some useless clutter. It is great to interact with so many objects, even if not all of them serve an actual purpose.

As one would expect from a stealth game, it is possible to pick up items and distract foes along the way. Since you can’t attack or kill them, using these tools is your best option. Additionally, throwing an item will display the world around you. This is done in a hand-drawn matter. An interesting choice, even though most people will not be  a big fan of this art style whatsoever. It does lend itself perfectly to this type of game, though.

While Stifled goes where nearly no other game has gone before, the game is something you either like or hate. There is no in-between, especially when considering it is just five hours long at best. Players who pick up stifled will have plenty of fun along the way. Some of the environments are absolutely stunning and make the game stand out. It is definitely worth picking up if you like stealth games, but it may be worth checking out a review or two first before pulling the trigger.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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