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Sublevel Zero Redux Review – Procedural Levels Guarantee Dozens of Hours of fun

It is always good to see some more action-oriented VR games capable of delivering a smooth experience. While Sublevel Zero Redux is an absolutely brilliant game, it also feels a bit frustrating at times. The level design, while claustrophobic in a good way, is also getting on our nerves now and then. That being said, it is by far one of the most immersive VR games we have played to date. Right now, the game is available for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Sublevel Zero Redux is an Excellent Game

Some players may have heard of Sublevel Zero Redux, as it is a “free expansion” for the Sublevel Zero game of 2015. Anyone who played that original game will be more than familiar with this concept as a whole. With a lot of new features to explore and VR support, this expansion packs a lot of punch under the hood. In fact, the game feels even more dangerous than the first iteration, which is vastly helped by the VR aspect in general.

In most cases, we see VR game developers derive from their original success formula. It is difficult to create content in VR without making some concessions. In Sublevel Zero Redux, we still a  2D adventure world with procedural levels and great environments. Thankfully, players can pick up powerups here and there to ensure they can live through the challenges that lie ahead.

What makes this type of game so amazing is how dying literally is no option. There are no checkpoints, as you are thrown back to the start of the game. This means there is an infinite amount of playthrough time to contend with. Since every new game is completely fresh as well, there is no issue with rehashed content whatsoever. It is quickly becoming one of our “grindier” games, simply because of the different types of content we have experienced so far.

Moreover, Sublevel Zero Redux provides a few different comfort settings for players to tinker around with. No one should suffer from any nausea playing this game, and the settings will certainly help avoid such issues as well. One downside is how level navigation becomes a very big challenge every now and then, to say the very least. That said, it is part of the experience, and we absolutely love this game.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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