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SUPERHOT VR Review – A First-person Shooter Everyone Should Play

One of the most popular games among VR headset owners goes by the name of SUPERHOT VR. This first-person shooter game looks and feels like an indie game, but it is no slouch by any means. In fact, it makes for quite an amazing game, with unique graphics and a good experience. It is evident the FPS genre needed a major overhaul, and games such as SUPERHOT VR are definitely on the right track.

SUPERHOT VR Is Quite The Workout

Although no one will suddenly lose a few pounds while playing SUPERHOT VR, it is one of those titles that keeps players on their toes at all times. Available exclusively for the Occulus Rift the game isn’t too difficult to play, but requires a highly focused mindset. That is what people expect from a VR first-person shooter game, as some of the other mainstream titles in this genre have gotten too easy.

Unlike most other FPS games, SUPERHOT VR will effectively punish players for not dodging bullets. This type of movement also means players are actively engaged in the game at any given time. Virtual reality is all about immersive gameplay, and SUPERHOT VR does not disappoint in this regard. Mixing up shooting with bullet dodging is quite fun, especially when looking at things from a virtual reality perspective.

One thing we liked most about SUPERHOT VR is how the game is not designed to be played like your average Rambo flick. Instead, players need to carefully plan their steps and aim their guns accordingly. The unique graphics contribute to an environment players will gladly lose themselves in for some time to come. Even though the game is relatively short, its replay value is certainly there. That is a rarity in the world of VR games right now, as most offerings are not worth playing through more than once.

One possible downside to SUPERHOT VR is how it requires users to own the Oculus Touch controllers. Since not every Oculus Rift owner will have these at their disposal, that can be  a bit of a problem. Then again, games like SUPERHOT VR show why these controllers were designed to enhance the VR experience in the first place. It is one of the few games that gives players an actual sense of accomplishing something, which is something we can only hope to see in more games moving forward.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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