Apple Will Allegedly Unveil Phone-to-phone Augmented Reality

While most people focus on VR, the augmented reality industry shouldn’t be overlooked either. It seems Apple has some big plans in this regard. Sources speculate the company will introduce phone-to-phone augmented reality very soon. An interesting concept, although one that may prove to be very difficult to pull off in the real world. Apple’s […]

Apps Reviews

Within Review – A Free App With Exclusive VR Content Linked to Hit TV Shows

Within is one of those VR apps a lot of people will tend to overlook. Considering how this is a free application, there is no reason not to give it a try whatsoever. There is plenty of high-quality “extra” content to enjoy, and the app is easy enough to navigate. A search function would certainly […]

Games Reviews

End Space Review – A Great Mobile Port for PlayStation VR Users

Our experiences with mobile VR games being ported to more expensive headsets has not been a big success so far. End Space was originally designed for the Samsung Gear VR but it’s now available on PlayStation VR as well. Thankfully, some improvements have been made. It is a fun experience to blast through space and […]