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End Space Review – A Great Mobile Port for PlayStation VR Users

Our experiences with mobile VR games being ported to more expensive headsets has not been a big success so far. End Space was originally designed for the Samsung Gear VR but it’s now available on PlayStation VR as well. Thankfully, some improvements have been made. It is a fun experience to blast through space and shoot enemies from the cockpit of your spaceship. For the price of $19.99, it certainly deserves a second look.

End Space is Fun From Start to Finish

It doesn’t happen all that often a mobile VR game port turns out to be pretty engaging on  a different system. In most cases, developers do not use the additional processing power at their disposal. End Space proves this can be done differently, as the PlayStation VR version is quite fun overall. It has plenty of different missions, great controls, and lets you cruise through space while getting rid of enemies. We were enjoying the game from the first minute until the very end. A rare treat, to say the least.

Owners of the Samsung Gear VR may be familiar with End Space already. It is a fun space shooter game which can be controlled with the DS4 when playing it through PlayStation VR. Users can complete every aspect of their ship, which is a nice change of pace. To shoot enemies, you simply look in their direction, which means it is pretty easy to pick up. Although you are mainly stuck with your original weapons throughout the game, they have infinite ammo. However, beware of overheating issues as well.

Although End Space is not the best looking PS VR game to date, it is easy on the eyes. Some additional movement around you in space would be appreciated as well. There is hardly any stationary asteroid to be found in space, yet in End Space, they can be found virtually everywhere. It is nothing overly bothersome, but it feels like the developers could have put in more effort in this regard. All audio is on point in this game, which makes for a pretty immersive experience overall.

The bread and butter of End Space is the combat, which is done extremely well. With different missions and stages to complete, there is plenty of content to go through. That doesn’t mean the game lasts long, though, as we finished it in about two and  a half hours. You can take your time wearing enemies down, as their targeting locks are incapable of finding you on the radar it seems. Weapons and missiles can be upgraded along the way, and they may require some grinding to complete said upgrades. All things considered, a more than decent port which is well worth checking out.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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