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Within Review – A Free App With Exclusive VR Content Linked to Hit TV Shows

Within is one of those VR apps a lot of people will tend to overlook. Considering how this is a free application, there is no reason not to give it a try whatsoever. There is plenty of high-quality “extra” content to enjoy, and the app is easy enough to navigate. A search function would certainly be appreciated, as would content notifications. Then again, it invites users to fully explore the app on a regular basis, which is a smart idea by the developers.

Within Offers Some Amazing Content

It is not the first time we see a free app offer “behind the scenes” content for popular tv shows and even documentaries. Within does this remarkably well, as it has a ton of content related to popular TV shows. Mr. Robot and SNL, for example, are just two popular tv shows which have some interesting VR content to be enjoyed. Within offers 360 and VR video content free of charge, which makes it an interesting concept.

It is certainly true the app itself doesn’t have too many reviews, especially in the Google Play Store. Don’t be fooled by this lack of reviews, mind you, as there are a lot of people who seem quite pleased with the app. It was recommended to us by one of our friends, and so far, we have really started to like what Within brings to the table. Not everyone will have a use for this app specifically if you aren’t into any of the shows, but it is a pretty nice addition to the VR ecosystem overall.

Among the content one can enjoy through Within, there are a short documentary and a full-length film. It is evident a lot of content will be added to this platform in the future, as it lends itself perfectly to promoting VR “extras” of all kinds.Other than that, there are a lot of VR-exclusive extras, which are well beyond the extras one would see on most special DVDs or Blu-rays. It is a great medium that needs to be explored further by content providers, that much is certain.

It will be interesting what the future brings for Within. The app itself is free, which means it may not necessarily receive a ton of exclusive content in the near future. More specifically, a lot of producers want to make some money from their VR content. At the same time, it is a great tool to introduce more users to VR content in general. An opportunity well worth exploring, considering this is a free app, after all.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.