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Onward Review – A Military Sim with FPS Elements

There are many different types of virtual reality games. Onward falls into a category very few other developers have explored so far. While it is certainly a first-person shooter, they also integrate some military-simulation aspects. Downpour Interactive has gone a very interesting path with this game, to say the least. It also has a thriving multiplayer community, which is a good sign. Onward is available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for the price of $24.99.

Onward is a Different Kind of Shooter

While some people may think of Onward as a ┬áVR version of Call of Duty, the reality is very different. Although it is still an early access title, this game is a military simulation combined with tactical multiplayer shooter elements. So far, the general VR crowd seems to like the multiplayer aspect of Onward, as it has one of the most active multiplayer communities we have seen to date. This is mainly due to the game being approachable by both novices and veterans. Finding a proper match to meet your right opponent shouldn’t be all that difficult.

It is important to note Onward has six different game modes to look into. The two offline modes are the more interesting ones at first, as they let you get acquainted with the game and everything it has to offer. Experimenting with weapons and different controls is the main objective in these two games modes. During the offline gameplay, it becomes apparent how this is a military simulation first and foremost, rather than a straight-up online FPS game.

Speaking of the online component, the operations Mode pits up to four online players against a maximum of twelve AI-controlled bots. Every bot has its own experience level and “intelligence”. This also allows players to get more acquainted with the online gaming mode as a whole, before you effectively dip your toes in slaughtering other players. Rest assured this mode is more than welcome, as the learning curve shouldn’t be underestimated whatsoever.

Although the game itself is pretty enjoyable, there are some caveats to take into account. The graphics look outdated at best, yet the weapons look and feel is excellent. It doesn’t diminish the fun of this game, but it is something the developers may want to address sooner or later. It is a very demanding game, though, as it will mainly stress your CPU while playing. People who have an older computer with the bare minimum specs for VR may struggle a bit when rendering Onward.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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