Team Launch Wins The Oceanic VALORANT Open

Yesterday, Team Launch won the championship title for the Valorant Oceanic Open againts EXO Clan. The first Ignition Series tournament ended with a 2-0 finish winning 13-5 on both maps. Team Launch remains undefeated after their performance where they didn’t drop a single map against any team.

Team Launch was firing on all cylinders during their last game, and had some amazing plays. What brought home the victory for Team Launch was amazing map control and more importantly their cohesiveness as a team.

Unfortunately for EXO Clan, luck wasn’t on their side during the finals and there were quite a few rounds where EXO just couldn’t bring it home. There were a whole lot of solo plays on team EXO’s side which just couldn’t compare to the team play of Team Launch.

What really set the tone of the match is Team Launch’s amazing first half on the first map (Haven), where Team Launch took the lead at a whopping 11-1. While EXO Clan did put up a fight in the second half, it was too big of an uphill battle to get back in the game after the first half. Team Launch won the first map 13-5 which really boosted their confidence for the second game.

The second map was Ascent, where Team Launch and EXO Clan had a pretty even battle in the first half which ended at 7-5 with Team Launch in the lead. During the second half, Team Launch absolutely popped off not giving a single round to EXO Clan and winning the game 13-5 again.

Team Launch took home a well deserved $10,000 AUD and the title as first ever undefeated Oceanic VALORANT Champions. If you would like to watch the grand finals match for yourself make sure to check out the video on twitch.

By Marat Arguinbaev

Marat is a 24 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.

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