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The American Dream Review – A Different but Refreshing Kind of Shooter

When a game by the name of The American Dream comes around, it is a bit unclear what people can expect. There is no standard definition of the American dream, hence it is quite confusing. Owners of the PlayStation VR can pick up this “parody” game for the price of $19.99. Whether or not the game is worth that price, is something else entirely.

The American Dream is an odd Game

When non-US developers build a VR game to portray the American Dream, it is evident people will either love it or hate it. Where The American Dream is concerned, your objective is firing at a wide variety of targets with a rifle or dual-wielded pistols. This is done through the PS Move COntrollers, as there is no regular DS4 support for this game. With a decently fleshed out campaign to speak of, the game itself is quite different from what we expected.

At the same time, there is an interesting message to be found in this game. The American Dream clearly likes to poke fun at the obsession with firearms most Americans seem to be possessed by these days. During the campaign, players are taking through various important pages of life. Even as a baby, you need to shoot a gun to open a door and eat food off the end of a gun. It is quite disturbing at times, yet it is evident the developers have a very unique mindset.

On the graphical front, The American Dream is quite fun to look at. The 1950’s style of graphics, combined with cardboard cutouts makes for a very unique setting. It is something people will like or dislike, but for us, it certainly works just fine. There is some narration throughout the game as well, and that is done excellently as well. The dry humor and sarcastic tone certainly add a lot of value to the game.

Depending on your opinion toward this game, the price tag is either worth it or far too steep. For us, the game itself is extremely fun, even though your region of free choice is extremely limited. Even so, the linear approach of this game doesn’t make The American Dream less fun to play. This is a very different breed of VR shooter, but one we can certainly welcome with open arms.

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By Marat Arguinbaev

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